Problem 1 solved…

It feels really great to solve a problem in Linux on your own that too for the first time !!
I was having troubles connecting the network. Previously, it was working just great. But when I switched to Windows 7 and then back to Mint, I could not connect the network. 😦 I tried Windows 7 again and then Ubuntu, connection was fine. But no connectivity in Mint. Maybe it happened because earlier this evening BITS Internet as usual gg. I tried many different things. I went to Advanced System Hardware Settings and changed network management from NetworkManager 0.7 to wicd and then to fake net but nothing worked. I rechecked proxy settings. Even tried my great Airtel Mobile Internet but no use ! Then at last … Like a lightning a thought struck to my mind “Google” ! And that was it. After trying few links, I found the solution !

Solution on kde forums

So whenever you find that your network manager is disabled, you must try this. And remember to change the properties of NetworkManager.state to writable via giving ownership to user in root actions.
And set the value from false to true. And then reboot.
Your problem will get solved !! 😀
That’s all for now.
P.S. I’m getting too much trouble in downloading packages due to authentication issues. So please help me out !!

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