Super Sunday

A super sunday :
sleep at 4 in morning. Wake up at 1:15 because there is a BANG on your door . Eat lunch and ice cream. Read and pretend that you are actually doing something about Java. But the truth is you are not. You are just lost in your thoughts, your imagination. Wondering about “the girl”, listening to music, but you are so much engrossed in your imagination that you don’t even recognize that the loudest iron maiden song is playing on full volume until you snap out of your imagination just because you have another random thought !!
Masala dosa for snacks. And cheese maggi for after snacks. 😛
Then you come back to your room and start doing some random things on your laptop. You do random searches on twitter and bump into a bitsian profile and go to his blog. Coincidentally the blog is so good that you get lost in it and read it from bottom to top. Still you have no sense of time. You keep on reading it further and laugh occasionally because you feel the story resembles to your life a bit. Then you finish reading it and think to write something as cool as that blog. But again you are lost in some other thoughts and totally forget about it. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Iron Miaden, Dio are on your playlist adding upto total of more than 800 songs with some hindi music, but you still don’t recognize what music is being played or maybe you don’t even care !!
Time is passing by, you are lazing in your room, you hear some random shouts as manu  vs liverpool match and india vs ireland match is going on, but you don’t care. you don’t even care that random music is being played since you woke up. You just want to lie in bed and do nothing but gaze ! And also you want to post all this.
You don’t care that your room is so messed up. You don’t care that temperature is so high that you are sweating. You just want to lie in bed and indistinctively listen or just pretend to listen what song is being played. You don’t even care about dinner ! Just close your eyes and gaze at whatever you can see. And do not try to think anything.
Aah… this is a super sunday !!
Now, I don’t even care to write more.
P.S. This post is updated via Android

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