Probabilistic Hough Transform

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Freehand | Design Innovation 2013 | MIT Media Lab | PESIT

Searching for free bathroom to bathe in cold water on a cold morning in Bangalore, well, that’s how the Design Innovation workshop started for all of us who were placed at RIE. Despite of the terrible accomodation, the workshop turned … Continue reading

SIFT Keypoint Matching using Python OpenCV

I have been working on SIFT based keypoint tracking algorithm and something happened on Reddit. Kat wanted this is Python so I added this feature in SimpleCV. Here’s the pull request which got merged. SIFT KeyPoints Matching using OpenCV-Python: To … Continue reading

Point Cloud Library – Install and Configure – Ubuntu 12.04

A Point Cloud is a set of vertices in a three-dimensional coordinate system. As OpenCV is used to work with two dimensional objects(images), PCL is used to work with three dimensional objects(3D space). Vertices usually represent X, Y and Z … Continue reading

Python/C API: Reference Counting

5th semester is finally over and let’s just say I have been to the dark side. Moving on. The most important aspect of Python is memory management. As mentioned in the earlier post of this series, PyObject* is a pointer … Continue reading