About Jay Rambhia

I am an undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering at BITS,Pilani Goa Campus and just finished my studies of second year. I am interested in the fields of Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Vision, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Automation. I have studied Electronics as a vocational course for two years. I have good knowledge of coding in C, C++ and Python. I am an open source contributor. My proposal was selected in Google Summer of Code 2012, which is a global platform that offers students stipend to write code for open source projects. I am doing my SoC with SimpleCV which is an open source framework for Computer Vision. I am highly inclined towards contributing to Open Computer Vision (OpenCV) and also other open source projects. Recently, I have ported OpenTLD to python with the help of George Nebehay’s OpenCV(C++) version of OpenTLD. I’m currently making a wrapper using Boost::Python to wrap few functionalities of OpenCV to Python.

Being a Linux enthusiast, I like to fiddle around with it. I am currently using Ubuntu and Arch Linux.
I have good knowledge of gtk/pygtk and started with PyQt4. I have developed a GUI in pygtk to interact with some of the functions of openCV.

You can find me and my work on:



jayrambhia777 – gtalk and gmail

I love to play Ultimate Frisbee!

Being a great fan of Douglas Adams, I like to keep a towel with me.

3 thoughts on “About Jay Rambhia

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  3. Hie Jay,
    Being a Mechanical student, it’s amazing to know that you’ve so much of knowledge in the Computer Vision. I would like to learn a bit of OpenCV with Python from you. Well, only if you agree :p

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